What iS The Life Plan?


Your Life Plan, also knowns the Annual Plan that will define your Purpose, discover your Passions, and leverage your Platform.  It will challenge you to think strategically and embrace accountability.


The Life plan helps you focus on three key habits.


Annual Plan

Weekly Strategy

Daily Execution Habit


A High Impact LIFE challenges you to examine your Purpose, live with great Passion, and leverage your God-given Platform (your vocational calling).

High Impact Habits, the companion guide, guides you through eight life-changing lessons challenging you to know, believe, and do life differently.



A High Impact LIFE is an unwavering effort to restore what has been lost in how we do life and business. This book reinforces God's unique purpose for our lives. As we pursue that purpose, with a passion, we will see the High Impact we can have on our families, businesses, and our communities.

David Green

Founder, Hobby Lobby

This book presents biblical and foundational principles to guide us towards the God-given purpose we each have. These principles include living with passion for a cause greater than ourselves, and doing so with excellence, for the purpose of glorifying God and impacting those within our ever-expanding circle of influence."

Warren Harshman

Clover Cliff Ranch

Get ready to be challenged.  No more excuses.  If you want a High Impact Life, this is your road map.  Ochs provides a framework for how to understand your purpose and a plan for its achievement.  This will be a book you will love to read and if you do what it suggests, a book that will change your life.

Chad Edwards

Senior Vice President, Young Life

As one of the inmates who Pete spent these past 10 years walking with, I am excited to have all of his advice in one book. I am no longer incarcerated, but Pete continues to be an important part of my future. Reading this book has once again caused me to reevaluate my own Purpose, Passion and Platform. Thank you, Pete.

Randal Pennington

Returned Citizen